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19 March 2021
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19 March 2021

A menu inspired by the Tables of St. Joseph

An ancient rite that today is repeated in a representation always involving. The tables of San Giuseppe, similar throughout Salento.

Although with small differences between one Municipality and the other, are signs of the devotion of some families who in the days around the feast of Saint Joseph (March 19) set the tables. In the past, diners were chosen among the poor of the town, while today the invitation is extended to family and friends. The minimum number is 3 (like the Holy Family), up to a maximum of 13 (like the members of the Last Supper.
Ciciri and tria, boiled vegetables, pasta with bread crumbs, fava bean puree, fish, the dishes of the Tables are many and never miss the doughnut loaves and the effigy of the Saint in the center.